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Thermos funtainer monster bottle  is special bottle that your baby and child certainly like to have in your family.It can be easily called small refrigerator that you can carry everywhere.

Keeps water cold for 12 hours

Thermos bottle is made with technology that keeps coldness inside the bottle. It is very good for your baby and preschool child who likes to drink cold water or milk. Due its cold retention feature if you keep ice in it morning, it will remain intact till 12 hours.

Inside is made with stanless steel and without any BPA material

Other important feature that impresses me that its inside was made with stainless steel and BPA free material. I am very concerned with BPA material like plastic bottle and other items from it, as it seeps into an item kept in it that is not harmful for brain, Prostate gland in women and kids.So, It is completely safe for your child,infant and kids.

Features and Specification

1.Due its cold retention technology, it keep your ice,water cold for 12 hours.So whether your child your child is going for playing,school or some outing,it keep water,juice fresh and cool for long time. You can keep milk cold too but it is not recommended by the company.

2.Thermos bottle has capacity for 12 ounce or 350 ml.It is quite enough for you small baby or small child.

3.A safe Hygiene lid comes with attached straw so that your child can seep cold water.


Customer review and score

Thermos 12 Ounce Funtainer Bottle, Avengers is very useful and does it core function of keeping beverage cold for long time. It has strong lid and easy to clean feature.At the time of writing this review, there were 336 review were available for it.Out of them more than 300 customer found it helpful and gave it 4.4 stars out of 5.

Few customer were concerned with lid after long use but good thing that it can be easily replaced. When straw is not useful, you can also buy new straw.

Overall thermos bottle is very useful for your small bay or preschool child as they can drink cold water,juice any time in day.It has all qualities that any mother wants for their child. Customer says that their grandson and daughter loved it and would recommend it for all parents.

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